About Us


Barber Energy, Ltd. was established in 2005 by Al Barber.  The focus of Barber Energy is the building and management of bio diesel plants located through out the warmer areas of the United States and South America.

In order to execute on our mission we need to raise the required funding through individual investors as well as corporation based or governmental partnerships.

It is no secret that the United States is dependent upon foreign oil and is in search of alternative fuels.  In order to supply this demand for alternative fuels, producers must produce regardless of the fluctuations in the stock market or oil prices.  Barber Energy is committed and focused on becoming a major contributor to meeting the growing demand for alternative fuels by the building and management of our own bio diesel plants.

Barber Energy LTD.


USA Offices:

Columbus, Ohio
Santa Barbara, California
Carson City, Nevada
Dallas, Texas
Tuscan, Arizona

+1 (805) 617-0334

World Headquarters:

South American Division
Centro Empresarial Mourisco

Praia de Botafogo, 501 – 1º andar – Torre Pão de Açúcar Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro 22250-040 Brasil
+1 (805) 617-0334