About Us

Barber Energy, Ltd. was established in 2005 by Al Barber. The focus of Barber Energy is the building and management of bio diesel plants located through out the warmer areas of the United States and South America.

Our Services

The Barber Energy project was established in early 2005 by Al Barber as a business enterprise, poised to tap into the multi-billion dollar biodiesel market and launch the world’s largest algae technology biodiesel manufacturing network.

Why Bio Diesel

Biodiesel is the only alternative fuel that runs in any conventional diesel engine with no modifications. The current supply of Biodiesel nationwide is fractional compared to the current market demand.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions about investmenting in one of our new Bio Diesel plants builds. I hope you see the opportunity and future need for alternative fuels.

Biodiesel is poised to become a significant contribution to the landscape of cost effective energy alternatives.